Version 3 just released! Now with invoicing, facebook login and much more.


IPManager is an online Professional Services Automation tool and IT CRM designed to keep track of your computers, infrastructure devices such as firewalls, companies, clients, ip addresses, vlans, support tickets, software licenses, data racks and much more.

This is one of the few IT CRM systems that is written by an IT Managed Services comany for Managed Services companies. We use this software on a day-to-day basis and are always updating it with new features and improvements.

It integrates with Cacti (for Traffic Graphs), Active Directory (for Primary Group Authentication), Kaseya (for Ticketing and Computer Details), Gravatar (for Client photos) and POP3 for email download, all of which are optional.


Feature List


IPManager is a great tool for small IT service providers (managing up to 500 computers) who require a lightweight and easy to use PSA tool. 


Kaseya (enterprise systems management and IT automation tool) Integration Includes:


IPManager has an extensive API that allows you to easily integrate it with other web services (via SOAP) or you can use IPManager on its own.

Customers can login to the easy to use client front end help desk to add support tickets, view their assets (computers, IP Subnet ranges and devices) and manage their email notifications.

For more information please contact us. We can give you access to a demo system if you would like to test.

Clients who sign up on to one of Dalegroup's Managed Services plan will be given access to our IPManager system to help better track hardware and support tickets.


Client Front End (You can customise the css and images with your own if you like) as seen in version 3.

IPManager 3 Client Front End

Admin Panel

Admin Panel

Ticket View

Company View (Version 2.1+)

IPM 2.1+ Company View

Device View

Device View

Event Stats (Version 2.1+)

Event Stats 2.1+


IPManager Requires: